“When Squanto finds Bradford sitting alone on the boulders of the shore…
it’s a haunting, beautiful scene that has stuck with me.” –Kevin Ott of rockingodshouse.com


Saints & Strangers REVIEWS


“…the movie's most fascinating character may be the enigmatic Squanto (Kalani Queypo)…” –TV Guide Magazine


"… the most striking figures are among the Indians… At the center of it all is Kalani Queypo as Squanto…” –New York Times


“Queypo cuts a striking figure as Squanto…” Hollywood Reporter


“Queypo paints an effective portrait of [Squanto] as a man who has lost his entire tribe and must walk a complicated and lonely path.” –Variety


“… the miniseries could have been winnowed to Kalani Queypo’s fascinating take on Squanto.” Washington Post

"The performances are generally strong, with Kalani Queypo a standout as Squanto." Oregon Live


“Particularly intriguing is Squanto (the charismatic Kalani Queypo).” –San Antonio Express-News


“Vincent Kartheiser is a solid center for "Saints & Strangers... Equally strong is Kalani Queypo as Squanto" St. Louis Post