SHORT FILMS  by Kalani

Remember Love

Behind the Scenes VIDEO- The inspiration for REMEMBER LOVE


Songwriters, Chadwick Johnson and Kalani Queypo, share their personal experiences with #Alzheimers and how it INSPIRED their latest song 'Remember Love'

** Remember Love is AVAILABLE on iTunes-
Proceeds from Remember Love are donated to finding a cure! #‎ENDALZ‬ ‪#‎KeepMemoryAlive‬ ‪#‎TheLongestDay‬

Ancestor Eyes

Written and Directed by Kalani Queypo


After getting sick, a young Native American woman, Willa, returns to her mother’s home where they both must come to terms with her illness.

** Playing at nearly 40 Film Festivals, this short film won a total of 14 Awards, including the Directorial Discovery Award at the prestigious Rhode Island International Film Festival in 2008.

Whispered Fall

Written and Directed by Kalani Queypo


On the run... at the end. A young man needs the help of another survivor in this post apocalyptic world.